A Short Guide On How New Year Resolutions Could Be Advantageous

So new year has just arrived few months back and many of you would have been in to make your resolution for this year too. Well, people like to make new year resolutions with a hope to achieve something which they haven’t been able to make till now. However its hard for most of them to keep up with their resolutions. Things apart, most of the resolutions are made to develop some sort of financial benefits.

New Years Resolutions 2015

One of the most popular resolutions made every year by the people is to avoid those aspects which they have been carrying so long. This could be anything, but even if you have different resolutions, you ought to make analysis whether it could bring some financial profits. If considered, there are various facets which you may find to make it your new year resolution to get some sort of financial improvements.

Check out some of the popularly made resolutions which if followed strictly could certainly prove out lucrative to you-

  • Quitting smoking: No doubt there are various people who are inclined to smoking habits. If they start minimizing 9% of their cigarette money at the age of 40, they would retire at 70 with a surprising extra cash of around $125,000! A research also states that smokers invest $17973 on healthcare during their lifetimes when compared to non smokers.
  • Quitting drinking: People with regular drinking habits spend about $11 to $20 per week on alcohol. However, if they plan to quit drinking, then they are suppose to get an yearly rise of around $1040.
  • Weight loss: You could put half of the restaurant meals into a to-go-box and can eat them as leftovers, thus saving $900 per year. Besides, you could also save about 40% on your life insurance premium every year by losing weight.

To conclude, making resolutions is not a daunting task, but at the same time following them determinedly could sometimes bring you a great financial difference. Think about it.